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First off, I placed second in my first try at body fitness for an amateur competition. I am beyond proud of myself considering I did it with minimal help from a coach or nutritionist. I was also awarded the ‘best legs’ prize. If you recall in my previous post about the competition I was complaining about my legs not coming in as I would like. Amazed at how it all came together.

For a few weeks before peak week I was consuming low carb, high fats, and moderate protein. I guess you could call it a ketogenic type diet. This coupled with my high volume workouts and cardio I was getting nice and depleted i.e. reduced to no glycogen stores. I was also drinking a lot of water, I measured it for a few days and it was always in the range of 7.5 liters. I also consumed salt with my food, I like salty food to be honest so adding salt to my food was not even a big deal for me. The Tuesday of competition was my final workout and I made it a leg day.

On Wednesday I started to Carb load with about half the amount of water I was having and reduced salt. As the days progressed my water intake became less and less and my carb intake was about 1 cup of rice every 3 hours with 4oz of chicken. I started to limit salts as well. Competition days I will still be having meals often but now with even less water. Removing the water caused the carbs to use up the water in my body, therefore, pulling glycogen into my muscles. Causing them to look nice and full.

If you are interested in the science of click here for the whole article from This article was very educational for me and really got me to understand the pathways that are manipulated to bring out the best physique I have ever had.

The Competition

Things I packed

  • food (protein, vegetable, a serving of carbs and plenty dried cranberry)
  • a small bottle of water (I will devour water easily, I had to pack only as much as I would need)
  • makeup (included eyelashes)
  • a padded beach mat to lay on
  • a dark towel to cover the mat (I had a towel that would not leave marks on my skin)
  • safety pins, scissors and needles for just in cases
  • hair supplies (including a curling iron)
  • oil sheen, this worked so much better than the posing oil to get me nice and shiny for the lights
  • an extra pair of posing shoes
  • a dark-colored change of clothes
  • a cup to pee in (did not want the bronzer to run)
  • an extension cord just in case a socket was not close enough
  • fabric glue
  • toning bands and weights

Pre Judging, first off, I was nervous! like really nervous, I have been having issues with my side pose and was not sure I would hit it perfectly. I also tend to ‘squeeze’ too hard when I am trying to flex and end up bringing my scapula together and therefore making my back look smaller than it actually is. All of my fears were realised. I did not show my front delts that was away from the judges enough and I also high my back by over flexing. Locally, pre-judging is the night when the winner is chosen so when I reviewed the pics I knew I was in second place based on how my poses went down. I was called out multiple times for comparison poses so I knew I was a contender but the placing was not confirmed, but I know the competition looked great and she also had experience over me as she entered this category last year.  To add insult to injury, 2 complete strangers commented to me about how good I looked but my poses threw me off. One friend also said I looked good but I was not glam enough and showing my personality enough. I thought I looked pretty glammed. lol. Loved my suit color on me and I liked my hair too. That night I had a little more water than usual and had a salad for dinner. All day I tried my best to only stand when getting food or being tanned. This allowed me to minimize water retention in my legs. When I got to the venue there was not enough sitting room for athletes at the meeting room. I was getting a little worrisome but I took my a beach mat with me to be able to lay down comfortably. While waiting to go on, which was after intermission, I did my makeup and tried to oil up. Unfortunately, the intermission time was reduced without or knowledge and I ended up not warming up as much as I would have liked.

Night one, back pose (winner on the far right)

my weird ass side pose








front pose, the winner on far right, third place is second from left

Finals, armed with the knowledge of the previous day’s mistakes I was ready to take on the night show. I fixed my hair in a pin-up, changed my jewelry to some studded hoops and gemmed my suit some more, I hope this upped my glam factor. I also added pearls to my hair, although I am sure not one soul could see it. Even though I knew I would not come first. It was not a matter of accepting defeat, I see it as being realistic. I went out there without any pressure and hit my poses with almost perfection. Again I kept my feet rested and elevated, only got up when I needed to use the bathroom, do my makeup, oil up and pump up. Although the night was long, it was a decent night. When I was called out for best legs I was surprised and elated. When they got to the top two I stepped up before they even mentioned I was second. I just knew it, but for me, it was a win. To achieve all this without much help is fantastic. It feels good.

Pretty Pose, my favorite pose








Front Pose

my not so weird back pose, I can be wider but Practice practice practice










The finalists looking fabulous, Photo Credit to Craig Harley Photography


look at me! not looking like a weirdo

another non-weirdo pose

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