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What a fantastic time for all involved!  The JABBFA Athletes were so enthusiastic and energetic.  Each having individual goals but working as a team to support each other and stay motivated.

The session started with my being introduced to the JABBFA Team and Staff and then transitioned into a One-on-One Meet and Greet.  Following this, we moved into the Seminar Segment discussing topics ranging from the fundamentals of the Nutrition/Competition Diet to Muscle Gain and Cutting to What are the Judges Looking For?  We then moved on to the Question and Answer Segment and ended with my showing the athletes a variety of Mandatory Poses and how best to seamlessly transition from one pose to another.

It really was wonderful meeting and working with the Jamaican Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Association and their competitors. I look forward to seeing each and every athlete succeed in achieving their personal goals and working with them again in the near future.

“It was a pleasure hosting Sharon Gayle and having her interact with potential future athletes, current athletes, and trainers.  Thank you very much, Sharon Gayle, for traveling all the way to Jamaica, WI. to speak with, and encourage the JABBFA Athletes.” ~Sydney Davis, JABBFA 1st Vice President.


Sharon Gayle lecturing JABBFA members

Breaking it down. Competing, the dedication required, is not to be taken lightly.
You get out, what you put in!











Font Pose

Side Pose
















A serious moment as JABBFA Vice President, thanks to Sharon Gayle for taking the time to speak to the JABBFA Team.

An intimate group pow-wow with the Women.

A JABBFA group shot at the end of a very stimulating and motivational GayleFORCE® Coaching Session!

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